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Dorena Wildflower Census Update

There was a wonderful Wildflower Walk at Bake Stewart Park today. ┬áIt was a joint effort of the Willamette Watershed Council, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Native Plant Society. It was fun to search for wildflowers with many pairs of eyes, and one sharp observer spotted a Cat’s Ear Lily.

cat's ear lily

I have been hoping to see one of these for years now and today was my lucky day!

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2 Responses to “Dorena Wildflower Census Update”

  1. Colette says:

    I love cat’s ears! There were a lot of them at Bake Stewart last year, just a tad later in the month.

  2. Katie Kirk says:

    Mom and her twin, Reta and Rita (Dot and Dash) Shields used to live in a house across the road from Sears Cemetery. When we visited the cemetery she would remember that she and her sister used to play in the field below the cemetery and that is was full of lady slippers and wild iris.

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