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Wildflower Census Update

While walking through Bake Stewart Park yesterday, we saw two wildflowers that we had never seen before.

Checkered Lily

The first was a beautiful checkered lily.

The second was the wild larkspur.

It seems that Lane County is now keeping auto traffic out of Bake Stewart Park, the better to allow the wildflowers to thrive.

They appear there in abundance and are worth a trip out Row River Road to visit.

Here is a photo of Bake Stewart and his wife sitting by the road in front of their house.  The spot where they are sitting is close to the south-east corner of the park.  Their beautiful old farmhouse still stands, now a private residence.

Another picture of the Stewart house, this one from the 1930’s.

The photo of the checkered lily comes from, a terrific site for any admirer of our State.

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  1. Colette says:

    Bake Stewart Park is now my favorite local place to see wildflowers. Thanks for the bit of history about Mr. Stewart.

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