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Random Fun Stuff: 1940’s Edition

Newspaper article courtesy of the Cottage Grove Historical Society. This photo,  from the Cottage Grove Sentinel, depicts a floor show at the Culp Creek Community Hall in the 1940’s. The show was sponsored by the Row River Sunshine Club, a community group that continues to this day.  In the years of World War ll gas was rationed, so light-hearted local entertainments were common.  People could get together and have fun without leaving town. These local men look like they knew how to have a good time!


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Random Girly Fun Stuff

In the early days of Dorena some of the women in town organized the Happy Circle Sewing Club.    The club met twice a month to sew, mend and quilt. It gave the members a chance to get out of the house and visit and have fun.  The grocery store building in town became vacant so the club members put on plays to raise the funds to buy the building.  The Happy Circle ladies rented out their building to the Grange for 50 cents a month.  The community often held dances there, too.  Almost everyone in town came to kick up their heels and as one attendee stated “the rafters jumped!”


In the same spirit the Row River Sunshine Club has been meeting in the valley for over 50 years.  They craft, bake, help residents in distress and generally keep the sense of community alive on the river.

They can be reached at PO Box 124, Dorena, OR  97434.

Mother's tea-39

A photo of the Mother’s Tea at Culp Creek School

A couple of ladies from Star. One didn’t mess with the up river girls back then.

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