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Incident at Rocky Point

Rocky Point on the Row River

This story was originally told to Dr. Oglesby of Cottage Grove by Chief Halotish of the Kalapuya.  The Chief reported that in about 1810 a party of Klamath came over the Cascades and down into what is now Cottage Grove.  They kidnapped four Kalupuya women, including the sister of Halotish. The Klamath headed back up the Row River Valley to their home east of the mountains. The Kalapuya knew that at Rocky Point the valley narrowed so much that there was barely room to pass single file between the mountain and the river. Halotish and 3 other Kalapuya men took a short cut to the Point and gathered boulders on the hill above it.  When the Klamath passed beneath them on the trail they pushed the rocks over the cliff, killing a number of the kidnappers.  They set upon the rest of them with arrows and rescued the women.


Kalapuya Man circa 1841


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