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Old Disston Store and Post Office

The old Disston Store and Post Office, back in 1963. The building is still up there, but barely standing.


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Civilian Conservation Corps at Disston

ccc camp disston

This photo of the Civilian conservation Corps camp at Disston recently appeared on Facebook.

The camp was on Brice Creek, just past Disston.  It was set up in 1933 with LaSells Stewart at the first training officer and supervisor.

Most of the CCC volunteers there were from Kansas and Nebraska.  Among their projects were 3 fire lookout towers, 20 miles of forest trails, 25 miles of road improvements,  bridges and even some telephone line.  The Musick Guard house and the Rujada Campground Registration Shelter are two beautiful surviving examples of CCC projects.

brice creek recruits

Above are a couple of CCC recruits cutting down a tree.


Musick_Guard_Station_01The Musick Guard House.  The Forest Service rents this out in the summer.


rujada registration shelter

The Registration Shelter at Rujada Park


Most of this information comes from Bohemia by Michael Thoele.  Thoele also notes that the CCC camp volunteers were often enthusiastic participants in the weekend brawls at the Wildwood Saloon, aka The Bucket of Blood.

The camp was closed down due to the advent of WWII.  There was talk of converting it into a camp for conscientious objectors but that never happened.  Today there appear to be no traces left of the camp.



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Four Generations in Disston

4 generations

This photo shows four generations of one family in Disston in 1919. From left to right are Florence Carr, Grandpa Egbert, Lena Carr, Florence Proudfit and Grandma Carr.  Lena Carr was the Postmaster of Disston from 1916 until 1948.

The photo is from the collection of the Lane County Historical Museum

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Some Old Photos of Disston, Oregon

Glen Jones of Portland sent some old photos of Disston.

Disston in 1910

The Barber Family in front of their cabin circa 1909

Disston School in 1910

Group at Brice Creek.  The Disston School teacher is among them.

Disston was established in 1906.  It was named after the Disston saw at the sawmill there.

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Old Row River Valley Post Offices

At one time there were numerous small Post Offices in the Row River Valley, but now only the Dorena Post Office remains.

The first Post Office in the valley was Star.  It opened in 1891 and closed in 1923.  It was located near Sallee Road about a mile up river from Dorena School.

There was a Post Office called Bluff from 1892 until 1899.  The exact location of this office is unknown.

From 1896 until about 1922 there were numerous small Post Offices in the Bohemia Mining District.  Among these were Bohemia, Champion, Mineral and Orseco.

The Wildwood Post Office opened in 1888 and closed in 1914.  It was located on a ranch adjacent to Wildwood Falls.

This Disston Post Office was established in 1906 and was open until the 1970s.

The Row River Post Office was established in 1911 and closed in 1914.

The Rujada Post Office was opened in 1916 and closed in 1918.  Rujada County Park is located in the vicinity of this long forgotten little office.

The Culp Creek Post office was established in 1925 and was closed in 2007. It was located in a private home until the early 1980s. It was certainly one of the last offices in the state to be located in someones living room.

The history of the Dorena Post Office was detailed on the first post on this blog back in December of 2009.

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